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Those who have experienced the fire breakout alone will know the sufferings caused by its effects. When the flames rise, the debris fly, the flames darkens the face and the body, the debris covers the whole atmosphere and it suffocates all living beings against breathing. When the Rescue Team pumps the water, then both the water and the dust darken the eyes.

If you are a firefighter or a collector of firefighter related objects then you probably would like to own a firefighter helmet. These helmets are essential to the survival of every firefighter. Being a firefighter is a really dangerous job and the quality equipment is an essential part of it. You cannot gamble with your life by wearing unsafe equipment. Therefore, it is a very responsible task to get the best fire helmet you can.
'FDNY' is a brand that is known to offer quality equipment for firefighters. FDNY stands for Fire Department City of New York . It claims its origin to 1830. The first safety Helmet was originated from Henry Gratacap. He had been a volunteer firefighter in New York City. The founder, H.T. Gratacap, had designed this helmet by using the leather which offered longer duration. He himself had been a volunteer Firefighter in New York City. So the first American fire helmet was introduced in 1836 under the name New Yorker. Since then this Helmet has been engineered to very improved standard versions.

FDNY Firefighter Helmet was designed to save the fire fighters from getting burnt and injured their heads and to protect them from the harm caused by the debris. It was designed to protect the firefighter from the heat. FDNY Firefighter Helmet was accompanied wearing goggles on eyes during the rescue operation. A FDNY Helmet was designed to protect the fire fighter from getting hurt from the electrical currents and plastic combinations . The advanced versions of FDNY Firefighter Helmet protects the fire fighter's face against heat, dust water and debris .

FDNY Firefighter Helmet has different colors. The FDNY issues a black helmet to all ranks below Battalion Chief and higher officers. The Battalion Chief and higher officers. receive a white helmet. The FDNY 's front shield of the helmet distinguishes both company number and the function of that company. The Black FDNY Firefighter Helmet has been allotted to Engine Company. The Red FDNY Firefighter Helmet has been allotted to Ladder Company. The Blew to the Rescue Company, the Yellow to Squad Company, the Green to Marine Units and the Orange to On Training Firefighter.

The FDNY Firefighter Helmet badge. The badges contained the shape of a guitar pick and a brass eagle. The FDNY Firefighter Helmet has a figure of a firefighter with a sleeping child coming out of the flames safely. On the other hand he bears a Trumpet.

FDNY Fire Helmet , FDNY Firefighter Helmet and FDNY Helmet have distinct functions. FIDNY Fire Helmet can be worn by anyone to protect himself from the fire. FDNY Firefighter Helmet has been worn by licensed and authorized team belonging to The FDNY Firefighter squad. FIDNY Helmet can be worn by anyone to protect themselves from fire, debris, heat and the dust.