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Antique Fire Helmets

An antique fire helmet has become a hot item as of late for those looking to collect vintage pieces. Indeed, there are a number of people who are into this type of collection and thankfully there are several sources of vintage fire helmet online available for avid collectors.

There are several helmets available to choose from but fireman helmet is the most popular option around. In fact, little or big boys adore a fire helmet and there is a certain appeal to it. There are multiple features available for each helmet and thus opening up various customization possibilities.

One of the biggest concerns for collectors is the price especially given that vintage pieces can cost a great deal. In fact, there are full leather or brass vintage helmets that have been preserved for many years. The quality of the materials and solid construction combine to bring about a hefty price amount placed on the product. This is also another reason why it has managed to survive for several years and still remain in good shape until today. Depending on the condition and rarity of the helmet upon buying, some could cost up to $1,000 or even more.

'Cairns' is one of the first brands that comes to mind when you think of fire helmets. 'Cairns' is a company that has been manufacturing fire helmets for more than 160 years now so it is only natural that you can find vintage 'Cairns' models. The first fire helmets came to life back in 1740 when a fireman from New York created the first helmet from leather. His name was Jacobus Turk. However, this first vintage fire helmet was not really durable and needed a lot of improvements. In 1840, a guy named Henry Gratacap revolutionized the history of fire helmets. This man who used to make bags for harsh conditions made the first really durable fire helmet from cowhide. This first great fire helmet had a brim at that back that was used to make the water flow down from the firefighter more easily. It was called the 'New Yorker'.

The Cairns brother gave the idea to put a badge on the front of each helmet to show which fire company each fire fighter came from. This was a great idea and they started supplying Gratacap with badges. Later the Cairns brothers joined Gratacap and they started making fire equipment that has been sold successfully ever since. This is how the vintage fire helmets gave the birth of the modern ones.

There are notable brands that are known for manufacturing high quality brands of fire helmet. In fact, some of them have existed in as far back as the 1850's, which make them a great choice for those looking for authentic antique fire helmets.

If you make the right choice of online seller, it is possible to get a vintage fire helmet at a reasonable price. You can therefore relive the classic style and watch your collection grow without breaking your bank. But if you are a truly avid collector, then you cannot put a price on such unique items, especially if the supply for antique fire helmet is dwindling.